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My name is Jakob Andersen.

I am 40 years and is founder of, a website aimed to help and motivate all serious exercise and competitive cyclists.

I have an 8-year career as an Elite Road Bike Rider and has achieved the following main results:

  • 18 victories as an Elite Road Bike Rider
  • 30 times top 3 in Road Races
  • Zealand Champion, Road Race
  • Year Sports Award 1998
  • Bronze Medal, Danish Championship - Team Time Trial
  • Gold Medal, Zealand Championship - Team Time Trial
  • Selected 4 times to join the Danish national team as a rider
  • Selected 3 times to race "Tour of Denmark" on the Danish National Team
  • Selected 1 time to race "Tour de Lankawi " in Malaysian as part of the Danish National Team
  • Raced many foreign and domestic professional Road Bike Races
  • Sports Director, Continental Team Concordia 2009
  • Mechanic, Team Concordia 2009
  • Sports Director, Continental Team Logstor - Cycling for health 2008

I have actively trained on a bicycle since I was 16 years. When I turned 21 I started to develop a serious attitude to cycling and started to race fully licensed Road Cycling.

When I started I became seriously amazed of training on the bike and made a choice to do something serious to improve at this wonderful sport.

I managed to get to Elite Road Cycling Level within 2 years. In my first full season as an Elite Cyclist I won two races in just 14 days and were selected by the National Coach to Join the National Team.

For 8 years I was an Elite Road Bike Rider. The first 3 years had a part-time job (25 hours per week). The last 5 years I raced at the Elite Level with a demanding full time job during the day, which of course turned out to be a challenging decision. In spite of the full time job I managed to win races.

As an Elite Cyclist having both a part time job and a full time job I have experienced many daily chanllanges such as stress at work, doing overtime at work, family obligations and unforeseen events coming across my training plans.

These situations are rarely accepted, when you like me, wanted to implement a structured training plan. In spite of this, I have managed to maintain a high level of training and performance level. I achieved this by using my systematic planning, specific goals, proper nutrition and having complete clarity about my priorities in my life.

After my active career as an Elite Cyclist I have developed training programs and served as a coach to several of my cycling friends. My approach and training methods have also shown to give these cyclists great improvement in their performance.

With my many years of experience I was feeling it to be natural to stay in the cycling arena and to give something back. In 2008 I became a Sport Director of the Continental Team Logstor - Cycling For Health. This job was very exiting and I have had very positive feedback to my handling of the bike riders, my planning skills and as the tactic mastermind in the car in the races.

Best regards

ImproveCycling Manager
Jakob Andersen


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