Our training philosophy

  • Lifestyle
  • Thoughts
  • Nutrition
  • Focus
  • Physics
  • Priority

With YOU as the centre, these points are important factors when you develop your qualities as exercise or competitive rider.

Regardless of level, the individual will and desire to achieve improvements are the same. At the same time the individual wishes and needs for development will often be very different from person to person. has no doubt that individual desires require individual solutions. recomend an Individual Training Plan to help Improve YOUR Cycling Performance.

For the same reason you will not find general training programmes, as you may have encountered elsewhere. The general training can be used as motivation, but can never replace the individual structured training plan!

It is not just about your physical training, but also a question of your personality, lifestyle, your will and, not least your ability to take the correct decisions in any situation of improvement.

At you can find many articles, each of which portrays an issue or development opportunity. An article on a subject can never stand alone. After many years of experience we know it is the whole picture for you that counts and that the whole is of equally great importance as it is to have a sense for details.

You can read our articles and be well informed about various training techniques can help you to improve your performance. But how can you adapt the good advices into your reality?

Quite simply we ask you: "How can you build a structured training plan and plan of development that is as perfect as possible for you?"

The philosophy of is to educate and motivate you through serious articles, newsletters, tips & tricks and simultaneously give you the opportunity to receive professional help if you seriously want to improve as an exercise or competitive cyclist.

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