A campaign on can provide exposure to of thousands of serious cyclists and cycling fans around the world. Not only are they interested in cycling products - they also travel, eat, entertain and use the Internet.

Who do you reach?

Our audience rules! They are knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen sport. readers range from team management, cycling industry executives, through to tens of thousands of cyclists from around the globe.

Some 75 per cent of readers are active bike racers who spend thousands of dollars each year on their chosen sport - from tyres and tubes through to travel. The majority of the audience are males with 65 per cent of the audience aged between 25 and 42, and 99 per cent of our audience own and ride bikes regularly.

Where do they live?

The audience lives in over 10 countries around the world, with the major markets being North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

How can I reach them? offers 3 different types of advertisement:

  1. Time - Time based advertisement based on month
  2. Clickthroughs - Tracking and counting of clickthroughs (hits).
  3. Views - Counting of views of your advertisement.

Why advertise on

  • Content
  • Readership
  • Credibility
  • Currency

Content - provides global coverage of a global sport. We provide serious articles that gives the audience answers to many of their questions.

Quality readership - based on survey data, our readers live in 10 countries around the world; are knowledgeable, educated and in full employment. The regular readers are bike riders, teammanagers, mechanics, soigneurs, friends, family and team-mates from home.

Credibility -' journalists share (dare we say it) over 60 years editorial experience. Our reports and interviews are known for their accuracy, fairness, independence and occasionally, brutal honesty.' reports and photos are often quoted or used by major metropolitan newspapers around the world.

Currency - cycling is a sport about speed, endurance, tacktics, planning, nutrition and serious training. brings "easy to read" and updated knowledge to the readers on theese serious issues and try to keep the readers up to date.

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