Do you have anything else than cycling in your life?

Are you one of those who work, attend school, study and/or have interests other than cycling? If so, it may well be why you will succeed with your bike training!

Many licensing and fitness cyclists are so focused in bicycle training that they have nothing else in their life! Not letting other inputs into your life is not a guarantee for success with your cycling effortt.


joystickThe other day I invested in a golf game for my Playstation 2. It is absolutely a super game with beautiful graphics and a gameplay that can keep me busy for hours. Otherwise I played a lot of Gran Turismo 4 which is a super cool and realistic car racing game. But it is so difficult that I must have a constantly focus on my driving and I do not rest while I play.

With the golf game it is a little different. It is also a difficult game but there are natural breaks while playing and I can spend the time I want to calculate the angles, power etc, so it's actually nice and relaxing for me to play. It suits me fine right now!

Similarly you should find other interests than your bike training. It might be what you need to get the maximum out of your cycling efforts!

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