Get Success Using Round Pedalling

Round pedalling gives you a particular advantage in the following situations:

  • TT – Time Trial
  • TTT – Team Time Trial
  • Interval training
  • In especially demanding situations
  • Ride from one group and up to another group, e.g. in a competitive situation
  • Attempting to break away from one or several other riders
  • Riding on a mountain bike in various terrains
  • Riding in mountains on a road racing bike

1. Focus at round pedalling as a part of your warm up:

Explanation: It is a new way for your muscles to work and it takes some time getting used to. Do the exercise for approx. 1 minute, interrupted for 1 minute with a higher rpm, so your muscles are loosened up again. Repeat the exercise as required.

2. Maximum 60 rpm, rotations per. minute: 

Explanation: Rotations that are too quick can blur your concentration regarding the actual pedaling. Your mind and consequently your feet have a hard time keeping up at high speed. Keep your speed down in order to avoid a high pulse: Explanation: A high pulse also blurs your concentration. Especially when you start on these exercises, it demands full concentration during the entire pedaling.

3. Focus on one foot at a time:

Explanation: If you feel the exercise is difficult, then you can focus on only one foot at a time. The other foot can merely “follow round” without you giving it any attention. Train both feet separately for approx. 1 minute and then train both feet together when you have become familiar with the exercise.

4. Try to train on a home trainer:

Explanation: On a home trainer you can decide on speed, severity and your position. You also have a special opportunity to perhaps train one foot at a time. This has the advantage of being able to focus all your attention on this single movement.

5. Pull your knee up to the handlebars:

Explanation: For some this focus technique works better. As mentioned you should keep your heel below horizontal. When you focus on that your foot should be up, and you thereby pull your leg up, you ought to focus on pressing the knee up against the handlebars of the bike. You do this while your foot is kept in the aforementioned position.

6. After 1-2 months of training, increase time and severity:

Explanation: Later in the process, it would be good to do this training in the early spring, you can begin to train with a higher pulse. It is in these situations that you will be able to take advantage of the technique.

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