Increase Cycling Motivation with theese 13 Tips

Sometimes any sport can be difficult to motivate yourself to do, even if it is so beautiful a sport as cycling.

You can increase your motivation in many different ways. The methods that motivates you, often depends on what time of year you are at, and the situation you are in right now.

Here we list 13 tips to increase motivation, so you can continue your progress with constant motivation in your baggage.

  1. Use objectives to build up a structured training sessions. The training from both long and short-term goals is motivating in itself.
  2. Train varied bicycle training. You should alternate between long, short, soft and hard training days.
  3. Varier your training. Do a long hill in heavy gear sitting in the saddle all the way to the top. Or try standing all the way up the hill in heavy gear.
  4. Train shorter. Many often train to far in relation to the individual level. Even if you think you train exactly the length that match your level, on a day where you're lacking of motivation try to train shorter. Generally, you will end up being more fresh when you get home, and hopefully fresher the next day.
  5. Get into your training clothes a.s.a.p. Once the couch is jumped upon your back when you get home from work, it gets even harder for you to get out the door to train.
  6. To watch a video with professionals while training at a hometrainer may also be motivating!
  7. Try cycle to and from work. It cost valuable time if you need to get home to change clothes before you can cycle. This time can be utilized for training, and get you into your  bike clothes directly after work.
  8. Choose a different route. Take a day out of your calendar where you one day cycle on roads that you have never been before. Eg. turn suddenly to the right where you tend to run left.
  9. Try a hill sprint to get more motivatetCombine your workout routes. If you have 2-3 solid training routes it can often be motivating combining the routes so you would create a new route.
  10. If you have a day where you lack of energy or motivation for training that is planned, try an hour in the swimming pool instead. Swimming will not involve your muscles as hard as that running can do. Even on hot summer days the swimming pool may seem relaxing, though you might train 30-40 min.
  11. Cycle a short day, or drop completely bicycle training. Follow this up by going to bed early so you are rested the next day and hopefully more motivated to practice.
  12. You can replace your bicycle training by taking a walk in an exercise center. Remember that you do not have to train hard in training equipment, as your muscles in the season is not ready for this kind of training. Indoor cycling is often good in a gym where there is usually television and others to watch training.
  13. You should alternate between training in a group and training alone. To train alone for long periods, can reduce motivation. Find training partners or groups you can train with on a regular basis, like eg. two times a week.

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