Cycling nutrition guide

Follow this cycling nutrition guide. Then you are well on your way giving yourself a healthy and nutritious lifestyle and ensure the energy that you need as a racing cyclist:

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Nutrition and recovery

If you want to perform your absolute best and maintain the achieved level, then you cannot avoid looking at your diet. The body in many ways works like an engine, which needs gas to run.

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Knowledge of the Glycemic index

The glycemic index is a list, which has been discovered, within recent years, which briefly described, shows how big the insulin amount is for a food group. Described in words we can all understand, high glycemic food is not necessarily unhealthy. But food high in the glycemic index manifests itself as fat, if it is not burnt off.

Generally, you should eat complex carbohydrates like:

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The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index shows how different types of food affect your blood sugar. Food with a high GI can give a strong rise in your blood sugar and thereby a high insulin level. When your insulin level is high you have difficulty burning off fat. You can among other things check your blood sugar by eating a lot of food, which has a low GI. This will simultaneously check your appetite and optimize your burning of fat.

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How to get your fibre

The consume of fibre for an average person is approx. 17 g per. day, however, it is recommended that you get between 18-30 g a day!

Consider some of these possibilities getting your share of fibre:

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