Vitamins and Minerals

It is very important to get the right combination of natural vitamins and minerals, fibre and herbs in general, but especially for exercise – and license racing cyclists, who typically have a high activity level and burning of energy. Even though it can be a little unmanageable, there are a couple of fundamental rules you should remember:

  • Always take (calcium + magnesium) and (iron + vitamin C) together, as they support each other by being absorbed in the body.
  • Folic acids are: vitamin B, which you ought to consume approx. 800mg/daily and vitamin E, where you ought to consume approx. 400mg/daily.

People who engage in the sport of cycling have a body, which sets increased demands on the diet you provide it with. Your diet has a crucial influence on how your body reacts to the training and other impulses you expose it to during a day. This applies both to the body’s muscle build up, and also in the recovery phase your diet plays a crucial part.

The right combination can help supplement the body with important nutrients, which are used up during everyday stress, bad eating habits, environmental pollution factors and not least your sometimes tough training effort. Vitamins and minerals create the foundation for a long-term healthy existence.

When you train and are under stress and the like, your body secretes so-called free radicals, which reduce your bodily functions. By supplying your body daily with antioxidants such as C and E, you help the body combat the free radicals.

Poor eating habits, a stressful life style and pollution can deprive the body of important nutrients, which makes it even harder for you to reach an ideal weight and perform at a high physical level.

The product 'Vitamun' is an exellent choice as supplement to get your daily Vitamins, Minerals and HerbsThat is a little unmanageable for most people is that many vitamins and minerals are not absorbed naturally in the body, if they are consumed by themselves. Often a “support component” is needed for them to be absorbed in your body. Without this “support component” most vitamins and minerals will come out through the urine without being of any benefit to your body.

Folic acid is an often overlooked component concerning your bodily functions. Folic acid is soluble in water. In other words, it should be consumed daily in order for your body to get any use out of it. Folic acid is important for the growth of the cells and reproduction, including especially the rebuilding of red blood corpuscles, which transport oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. So it is especially important in a recovery phase following hard training or competition. Folic acid also has the fantastic quality that it reduces the risk of cancer.

Reference: Book: YOU – The owner’s manual

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