Essential Fat is Your Most Important Energy Source

Essential Fat - Your main source of energy!

Essential Fat is extremely important for you. All cells in your body is built around a nucleus, which is a fatty membrane. Therefore, fat is essential (vital) for all living creatures and should be an integral part of your diet!

When you consume essential fatty acids in balanced and correct quantities:

  • You increase your performance in both strength and endurance
  • You restore faster because essential fatty acids improves your body's ability to convert oxygen into restitution requires
  • your metabolism and energy increases
  • your cells is improved and converted into hormone-like prostaglandin that keeps you slim!

When you train the energy flows back and forth between your cells. This is why it is important that it is essential fatty acids that surround the cell nucleus. It has been proved that a mixture of 3-6 and Omega 9 fatty acids in a specific ratio, it is optimal for us humans.

'Udo's choice' is an very good product that gives you the 3, 6 and 9 fat acids.

It has been proved that even with good and varied diet even if you eat much fish you can not be sure to get enough of the essential (essential) fatty acids. Stay off butter and avoid as far as possible to cook in oil as the essential fatty acids turn into dangerous fatty acids when it is warmed up to high temperatures.

Omega-6 deficiency symptoms:

• high blood pressure
• big thirst
• dry eyes
• eczema or dry skin
• inflammation (part, tissue, skin)
• mental disorders
• blood sugar problems
• infection tends

Omega-3 deficiency symptoms:

• eczema or dry skin
• inflammation (tissue, joints, skin)
• fluid retention
• restlessness in the arms and legs
• high blood pressure and cholesterol
• infection tends
• difficulty in weight loss
• memory and learning difficulties
• Coordination difficulties
• Migraines
• psoriasis

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