Nutrition During Training and Competition

During training and competition you should especially provide yourself with carbohydrates. On longer training stints (3 hours and above), it is important that you also get something to eat in order not to lose power on the way.

Your stomach should have nutrition sources to work with during training all the time. Otherwise, it can give you stomach cramp. The simplest solution is to have

  1. one or two Energy Bars in your back pocket or
  2. one or two Bananas.

Both types of nutrition can give the stomach a little to work with and have all the necessary carbohydrates you may need during training and competition.

You should supplement with plenty of water containing carbohydrates during training and competition. You can buy Energy Powder in virtually all sports- and bike shops now. Do not make the mixture too strong, as it can become a little sticky to drink during longer days in the saddle.

Be careful not to drink too many carbohydrate drinks when it is hot. When it is hot and you are working on your bike, then you sweat and need fluid and salt. Fluid with a high content of carbohydrates is not as useful for your body on a hot day as regular water is. You should therefore mix fewer carbohydrates in your drinks on days when it is hot.

However, it is often necessary to supplement with some faster loaded carbohydrates, which for most people go by the name of a squeezer.  It is a small sticky mass of approx. 100-200 grams with a very high content of carbohydrates. Most bike dealers have these products.

Drink and eat during Training and Competition is a nessecerity for you to perform on your bike!

Fast loading carbohydrates mean that the body absorbs these more quickly, if you are losing energy. Typically, it is food products high on the glycemic index, which are quickly absorbed as energy in your body. But as you find yourself in a training- or competitive situation, these carbohydrates are burnt and absorbed relatively quickly by your working muscles.

The fast loadding carbohydrates should be supplemented during training in order to sustain a high level of carbohydrates. But you should be aware that you in this way start an elevator. The body gets the fast loading carbohydrates, which are readily consumed by the body. That is why they are good, if you are losing energy. These carbohydrates are quickly consumed and burnt off by the body and it can happen very quickly, so that you hardly notice before you feel your muscles are screaming for more “fuel” again.

When your muscles completely run out of energy, then it is too late to come back up again without first resting and recovering for one or more days. Perhaps even completely without training. This is why it is usually necessary to continue consuming the quick carbohydrates with short intervals in order to sustain the necessary level. This way of providing oneself with carbohydrates is good for shorter periods in the last half of training or competition. But at some point in time, the muscles will become tired regardless of the carbohydrate level.

Therefore it is important to provide the body with complex carbohydrates before training and competition, so in this way you preferably can avoid running out of gas.

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