Nutrition After Training and Competition

After training and competition, the body kind of lets a window remain open for approx. 4 hours. For these 4 hours the body is especially susceptible to consuming nutrients through the diet you eat and drink.

As a result, it is extremely important that your body’s reserves are filled up during this space of time. The faster your reserves are filled up after training the better.  Following training you should immediately consume proteins, which the body uses to build up the cells again.

Proteins are a necessary aid to the body in the rebuilding phase.

The fact that the body consumes liquid food more quickly than regular food as an energy source a Protein Shake is a extremely good nutrition solution after training and competition.
A Protein Shake is a brilliant type of nutrition for you to take after training and Competition

The cells will be burdened by the training you have performed, but if you provide your body with e.g. Protein, which can be mixed with soya milk, milk or water, then your body can consume it faster.

You should not be afraid of straining your cells doing training. If you quickly provide your body with the necessary carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, vitamins, minerals, fibres and herbs following training, then you not only help your body recover, but you increase your fundamental physical performance level, as it is the most healthy for your body.

Even though you consume energy via either carbohydrates, proteins or other things during training, the body will nearly always need further nourishment or training. Consequently, it is good to drink a further liter of water, which is mixed with a supplementary energy source as fast as possible, but at the latest within the previously mentioned 4 hours following completed training.

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