Winter cycling clothe tips

The winter gives us a lot of challenges regarding winter clothing. Cold, frost, wind and snow are tough opponents during the winter. It is not difficult to be affected mentally by the long, dark winter period, so your training effort is reduced a little.

As a result, it is important that you focus on your goals and make sure to follow your training program. In itself, it can be an almost unmanageable task when winter arrives. Your focus is disturbed unnecessarily, if you have not chosen the right clothing and become cold during training.

One of those things you obviously should sort out is your clothing. Coldness and windy weather put demands on your clothing. You should consider using the following tips.

Keep forehead, fingers, toes, ears, neck and knees warm. These body parts are especially susceptible and therefore you ought to give these special protection. Make sure to wear many layers. More layers give better protection than only one thick layer!

If your knees become particularly cold you can buy special knee warmers in sheepskin. They are quite effective and fit well under your long winter trousers.

Winter Cycling can be unpleasant and cold without the proper clothingIf it is not quite so cold, it is advisable to buy a couple of knee trousers, which you can wear under your slightly thicker winter trousers. The knee trousers are comfortable to wear and are available with or without skin and are a perfect solution.

You could possibly buy a pair of cheap skiing gloves. It is a really good and cheap alternative to Gore Tex Windstopper gloves, which cost a small fortune. Skiing gloves are built for the winter’s vagaries and are extremely good, when the weather shows its teeth. Skiing gloves also have the advantage that they have fingers and not “turtle” finger where the fingers are paired in the glove two plus two.

Get hold of a pipe with which you can protect your neck. The pipe can be bought cheaply and does not have to be of the expensive kind. You should place it as the layer closest to your body and that means under your winter jacket, so it forms a shelter from the breastbone and up over your chin.

To day you can get shoe soles which warm for a certain number of hours with the help of a chemical process and you can buy two pairs of shoe covers, where the outer pair are a couple of sizes too big.

You may have to adjust your clamp a little to the edge in order to have room for the two shoe covers!

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