Beginner cycling tips

Please find the fundamental training for bike riders in this article and remember to integrate the advices into your life. Just as many training programs exist for bike enthusiasts, as there are coaches.

Several basic rules of thumb can help you out developing the best possible training program in order to improve your skills as a bike rider.

Your training as a bike rider need some upfront knowledge. Before you begin to develop a training program, the fundamental training must be achieved. In other words, you ought to gain certain stability in your training, and build on from this base point.

It takes time to be a good and solid bike rider.

Unless you have a high training level from other type of sport it will take a couple of years to achieve a high and solid bike rider fitness level.

You should train your body to be able to train 3-4 times a week, either by bike or another type of sport. At a minimum you should train yourself to ride a bike approx. 800 km during a month, then you can begin to compile a more advanced training program.

You should train easy bike rides approx. 3-4 times a week for a length of approx. 1-2 hours each time. As a start you should begin doing this twice a week for 30-60 min and build on it from there.

If you are an experienced bike rider, this fundamental training ought to go without saying. If you are a beginner, it is just a matter of getting out on your bike and taking it nice and easy with rides of approx. 30-60 min. at a time, preferably 3 times a week and steadily training yourself to take a minimum 2 hour bike ride 3 times a week stretching over a month.

When your fundamental training has been achieved, you thereafter calculate your average training distance per. week. This distance must not rise more than approx. 10-12 % per. week when you are to build on your achieved fundamental fitness level. This applies for both training distances and time consumption from week to week.

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