Cycling weight training

It is important where and when you do cycling weight training.

Concentrate on your cycling weight training during your secondary season!

Studies from the Danish U23 national team have shown that it is more than difficult to integrate cycling weight training during the primary season. Doing cycling weight training can give you violent physical strains, where your body needs a lot of rest to recover from your training.

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Weight Training for Cyclists

When I strongly recommend you to do strength training in your secondary season as a cyclist it is because I know that this form of training will push your limits.

A fitness center is the best place to practice strength training, but from riders I often hear they do not want to go to a gym because it takes too long or it is too boring. There are a number of alternatives to the ultimate fitness center and one of the ways you can take advantage of is to make strength training at home as the videos shows you further down this article!

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Cycling weight workouts

These 10 cycling weight workouts are especialy good for cyclists. There are many exercise machines, which can be advantageously used if you are a racing cyclist.

However, we recommend to focus your energy on relatively few cycling weight workouts, which are the most beneficial in for your development.

1. Leg press,

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Cycling weight training studies

Studies show that the use of cycling weight training gives you a huge benefit as a cyclist, to increase muscle mass and it increases your aerobic energy metabolism and thereby promote more efficient use of oxygen and fatty acids from the energy you bring to your body.

  • Strength training for cyclists is a very attractive long-term strategy in addition to increased strength and muscle mass makes it easier for you to control your weight in your second season.

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