Weight Training for Cyclists

When I strongly recommend you to do strength training in your secondary season as a cyclist it is because I know that this form of training will push your limits.

A fitness center is the best place to practice strength training, but from riders I often hear they do not want to go to a gym because it takes too long or it is too boring. There are a number of alternatives to the ultimate fitness center and one of the ways you can take advantage of is to make strength training at home as the videos shows you further down this article!

Strength training at home instead of in a fitness center can be quite a challenge if you do not know how to start and what exercises to focus on. Just to get the motivation to do it, can be difficult. Therefore I have chosen to put together a set of small videos showing you exactly what exercises you can do. On every video I have written small Tips and Tricks on what you need to adress and where to keep your focus.

As motivation, remember that strength training

  • Improves your threshold
  • Increases your strength in your whole body
  • Increases your ability to deal with pain
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Assists in the loss of fat


Back twist - good as warm up:

Squad + Triceps, gives strength in upper thigh, buttocks, back and triceps:

Back rotation, strength and control:

Squad + Calf musles; strength of thigh, buttocks, back and calf muscle:

Triceps and upper back, strengthen and control:

TIP! Try a little jog, not more than 20 min in Z3. Then do these exercises in sets that matches your strength! Wow ... it's super workout !


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