Cycling weight training

It is important where and when you do cycling weight training.

Concentrate on your cycling weight training during your secondary season!

Studies from the Danish U23 national team have shown that it is more than difficult to integrate cycling weight training during the primary season. Doing cycling weight training can give you violent physical strains, where your body needs a lot of rest to recover from your training.

Performing cycling weight training strains your muscles even more than regular cycle training and your body will need extra nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, but also extra rest in order to have enough resources to recover and build up further physical performance level.

weight trainingDue to the above studies and the actual knowledge that cycling weight training is extremely energy sapping, when you want to reap the biggest rewards, it is recommended that you stick to doing weight training during the secondary season.

If you are a road bike rider it is during the winter season that you should integrate weight lifting providing you have the guts to try it.

You should also assess to what degree you can motivate yourself during your secondary season to train e.g. in the evening when it is dark. If you can motivate yourself while it is dark, then the best thing is to do weight lifting 2 times a week with a third time being supplementary if the weather turns bad.

Other than that, you should aim to train 3 times a week, where you on one of these days should include crossraining / maintenance rather than actual weight lifting.

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