How to start up cycling weight training

When the body starts working with specific cycling weight training it is important that the start up contains many exercises for the whole body.

When you decide to train specific exercises e.g. upper thigh exercises, then the body utilizes many other muscles in support of this particular exercise. Consequently, it is more important to aim more broadly during the start-up phase of weight lifting and not until later work on more specific muscle areas.

It is especially important to warm up well and an exercise bike or a crosstrainer is a good warm up tool.

crosstrainerDuring your start-up phase the treadmill is actually even better. This is a machine you can stand up and use, where your feet move in a circle motion and arms hold on to each bar, so you get a feeling that is reminiscent of stationary cross-country skiing. This exercise is good, because you use both legs and upper body, arms and pulse all at once. It lays the foundation for a good warm up, when you have to train the whole body in the start-up phase.

How long the start-up should take can vary a lot from person to person, but expect typically between 3-6 weeks, before you are ready to work more purposefully with specific muscle areas. It can seem a long time, but it is absolutely necessary to have patience, when you do weight lifting. If you do not get the necessary fundamental training before you seriously move your boundaries with the help of weight lifting, you might have lasting injuries. 

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