Cycling weight training studies

Studies show that the use of cycling weight training gives you a huge benefit as a cyclist, to increase muscle mass and it increases your aerobic energy metabolism and thereby promote more efficient use of oxygen and fatty acids from the energy you bring to your body.

  • Strength training for cyclists is a very attractive long-term strategy in addition to increased strength and muscle mass makes it easier for you to control your weight in your second season.

Cycling weight training studies have shown that lactic acid levels increase dramatically by the use of cycling weight training, suggesting that it is an excellent source of anaerobic training. This is consistent with the increased activity in muscle cells by using resistance training and the increased need for fuel for the muscles so they can work optimally.
These studies indicates that cycling weight training and other athletes in an endurance sport, with the advantage to develop the anaerobic muscular endurance, because of muscle adaptation of tolerance and buffering capacity of elevated lactic acid.

Cycling Weight Training StudiesWith a strength training program for cyclists you build strength and muscular endurance at very high levels of aerobic as an alternative to traditional weight lifting routines. As a compliment to this, strength training can also be useful as an alternative form of fitness training institution that combines high-intensity (anaerobic 84-90% of max heart rate) over weight exercises with low intensity aerobic (73-80% of max heart rate ) Activity periods.

While energy metabolism in muscle cells strength training is an effective way to increase your metabolism by increasing your core body weight (increased muscle mass). The resistance has been involved in strength training increases muscle mass and your core body of traditional aerobic sports such as cycling.

Traditional aerobic training (73-80% of max pulse) reduces the total body weight by burning excess body fat, but does little to increase your muscle mass. In a sport such as cycling, you will eventually lose muscle mass, as your body adjusts to the specific needs strengthening on a bicycle and retain the optimum amount of muscle it needs to work.

This explains the bicycle rytteres need for strength training in the secondary season to "rebuild" the loss of muscle mass.

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