Cycling weight lifting

You are right to question if cycling weight lifting can improve your physique as a cycle rider. The answer is definitely, YES.

Cycling weight lifting is generally really good as a supplement for all cyclists, as you can target your work to strengthening particular parts of your body, which support and supplement the big muscle groups you normally use in your sport.

  • Specific cycling weight lifting can help you improve and strenghen the muscle areas mentioned bellow.

Cycling obviously results in a huge strain on the big leg muscles, but also stomach and especially your back takes a lot of unevenness from the roads. At the same time the pretty inactive upper body has to resist these things most of the time.

The big buttock muscle is also used when you cycle, which together with the back thigh are one muscle groups. If you work seriously with them you can make great progress. These two muscles and in part also the calf muscle are muscles, which are used, when you perform round pedalling, and on your time trial bike as wel.

Take a closer look at professional racing cyclists on television and you will notice that it is not only their legs they have worked seriously on developing. Most riders have strong arms and shoulders. Especially sprinters develop these muscle groups, but you should also work on these muscle groups, regardless of what kind of rider you are. You should work more or less on these areas depending on the purpose of your weight lifting.

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