Cycling weight workouts

These 10 cycling weight workouts are especialy good for cyclists. There are many exercise machines, which can be advantageously used if you are a racing cyclist.

However, we recommend to focus your energy on relatively few cycling weight workouts, which are the most beneficial in for your development.

1. Leg press,

  • Strengthens: upper thigh, muscles near the knee, buttocks.
legkick Feet flat, pressure on the heels, shoulder width. Keep the movement controlled in both directions.   Focus the initial push from the glutes.   Lower back must remain flat. Range of motion varies between individuals.

2. Leg extension

  • Strengthens: calf and tendons.
leg curl

Control the weight in both directions. Extend and flex from the hip.

Toes Pointed ( Plantar Flexion ). Proper posture on all movements.


3.  Seated hamstring curl,

  • Strengthens: back thigh, buttocks.
hamsting curl Toes pointed ( Plantar Flexion). Back flat, pull from your heels. Full contraction at the bottom. Control in both directions.

4. Kicking back

  • Strengthens: buttocks, back thigh
back kick No, this exercise is not only for girls. It strengthens exatly those muscles you need for your cycling. Try also to lean forword with upper body and bend your leg a litle bit. Control the motion both ways.

5. Squat

  • Strengthens: upper thigh, buttocks, back, use body belt
Use the squat machne like this on the picture. The lift pole is supported in the sides for you to concentrate doing the.exercise. Try to use a kidneybelt as well because this exercise can be hard for you back and hte kidney belt is a good support to avoid backpain. Start with relatively low weights and build up from there.

6. Back curl

  • Strengthens: back, loin
back curl Controlled motion on the way down. Slow but steady movement up with straight back. Try to roll your back on your way up when you are confident with the exersice. When you get very strong, a 1-2 kilo sand back on your neck can be added.

7. Stomach rolling, on a sloping bench,

  • Strengthens:  stomach, back
stomach rolling Focus on the stomach in all the exersice. Crunch your stomach on your way up. Controlled motion on the way down.

8. Biceps, with dumb bells

  • Strengthens:  front of upper arm + forearm.
biceps workout Elbows and shoulders back. Pressure on the inside of the hand. Wrists straight or slightly back (advanced position). Control in both directions.

9. Triceps, with rope

  • Strengthens:  Back of upper arm + forearm.
Wrist straight, pressure on the outside of the hand. Extend at the bottom, top position is chest height. Control in both directions

10. Standing Calve Raise

  • Strengthens: Calves, buttock
Focus on full range of motion. Pressure is on the big toe. Control the motion in both directions. Stretch completely at the bottom.

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