Groups especially exposed to overtraining

I often get asked the question, if it is only bike riders who are not completely fit who can experience overtraining, as their fitness is not at its highest and their body therefore cannot put up with hard training. The answer to this is clearly: No!

Even bike riders in super top form can experience overtraining!

It is especially important to register even the smallest signals the body lets out especioally when you are in your peaking period. Often riders who are in such good shape find that they have difficulty controlling their desire for hard training. It is actually quite normal to notice this especially among inexperienced riders.

Fundamentally the trick is to  know your body and your own limitations.

A training program should therefore be adjusted to your level, your ambitions and your potential as a bike rider. Two riders who often train together and follow more or less the same training program can react differently to the same training.

The biggest groups at risk of overtraining are fringe groups, who can be described as bike riders who do a litle training or a lot of training.

But if you do not belong in one of these two categories you should not think that overtraining can affect you. Riders who train e.g. a little every day most of the year can also overtrain. Perhaps they never realize it, but the muscles actually tire every single day without being able to recover 100%.

If your want to improve your performance as a bike rider you are often better of by training every second day rather than train every single day because you secure getting some resting time for your body to recover.

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