Time Trial Plan

Your Time Trial Plan might look like this:

Your starting time is kl.09: 00 and you are alone:

  • 22:00 Go to bed
  • 06:00 Wake up
  • 06:15 Breakfast
  • 06:45 Bath
  • 07:00 Load bike on car
  • 07:15 Departure, drink water with energy on the way!
  • 07:45 Arrival
  • 07:55 Check your time against the official time
  • 08:00 Go for a spin with racing wheels
  • 08:10 Sit on your Home Trainer with training wheels, drink water during warm up
  • 08:40 Warm up on Home Trainer done
  • 08:42 Clean yourselfe from sweat etc. and put on your racing clothe
  • 08:47 Load the car with all your stuff that you dont need in Time Trial
  • 08:51 Take a quick energy gel and water
  • 08:52 Go for a spin with racing wheels
  • 08:56 Spin slow in circles at the starting point if the space permits to do so
  • 09:00 Time Trial Starts

Warm up

Valverde in a Tour Time TrialIt is an extremely good idea to warm up on a Home Trainer. It allows you to push a steady load and you can place yourself in the shade under a tree or so, to  stay cool. It gives you the most optimal conditions for you to be able to focus and concentrate on your warm up and your Time Trial.

Time spent on warm up is very individual what you feel best. I recommend that you warm up minimum ½ an hour, and max 1 hour.
Warm up to a Time Trial  must be built up with:

  • 10 minutes to make the muscles warm
  • 15-20 minutes to drive the pulse up to
  • 5-10 minutes to scroll by in a little lower gear

Time Trial Plan

You should plan a day of Time Trial by building on your starting time and then go backward in time. Your starting time can affect many things. It could dictate what time you need to go to sleep at night if you have an early start time.

Go backward in time and write it down like the list above! How long you need from the moment you get off the Home Trainer and you'll be ready to start. Do you have someone to help you who can pack your stuff before the start or do you need to dedicate time to yourself to achieve it?

A good thing to allocate approx. 10 min. to go for a very short spin, both before and after you are doing your warm up on the HomeTrainer with the wheel you want to use when racing. Just to make sure the gears are still functioning perfectly, as they did the day before when you tested it!


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