Time Trial Cadence and Cranck Arms Length

Longer Crank Arms than those you use on your normal Road Bike is often used at Time Trials. This is generally an advantage with respect to efficacy as you make use of leverage and make you able to push more watts into your pedals.
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Canging the length of your Crank Arms can cause muscular changes, and therefore requires a habituation period of 2-3 days. This is why you should not extend the maximum Crank Arm length by more than 2.5 mm relative to the length of your Crank Arms on your Road Bike.Starting time training starts with individual settings or enkeltstart bike to customize your change

The frequency of pedal revolutions (cadence) that is perfect for you varies according to the type of muscle fiber you have.

A Time Trial should be raced with the following rotations:
  • Slow muscle fibers: 95-105 cadence RPM
  • Fast muscle fibers: cadence 80-90 RPM

RPM = Rounds Per Minut

Are you good at sprint and / or you have relatively large muscle mass in your legs, you have fast muscle fibers.

Are you good in the mountains and / or you have relatively slender muscle mass on your legs, you have slow muscle fibers.


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