Time Trial Aerodynamics and Test before Competition

Here are a few tips on how to prepare you for a Time Trial

Time Trial Aerodynamics

About 90% of your power are used to move the wind in front of you when you race on a flat road at a speed of 30-35 km/h or more.

So it is important for you to find the most advantageous position on the bike. This is why it is best to have a Time Trial Bike set up specially for you, so you do not need to adjust your existing road bike for every Time Trial. Aerodynamics of the Time Trial Bike is as important as the Aerodynamics of your position.

Scientific studies have shown that reducing your frontal area can be reduced by up to 35% less than your normal road bike. This improvement of Aerodynamics implies an extreme change to your position on your Time Trial Bike. This extreme position could impair your performance in the pedal thread with 10-20%.

Fabian Cancellara knows a thing or two of racing a good Time Trial as well as good aerodynamics on the bikeWhen racing a Time Trial in a Stage Race you should take into account that you are probably more tired than when you usual race on your Time Trial Bike. Your effectiveness when pushing power to your pedals is thus not the same as when you are fully recovered and your position on the the Time Trial Bike should be adjusted a bit to take this into account.

It is important to find a compromise where aerodynamics and physical performance is optimal for you.

This is done not only to trundle off in a normal speed, to set the Time Trial Bike as the professionals or to set the bike after specific targets and measurements. You must perform tests in competitive pace with the force and focus you want to atchive in a Time Trial Competition.

Important: A plate wheel (rear) gives ca. 30 seconds on a 30 km enkeltstart compared to a conventional wheel with 36 spokes!Wind tunnel tests are very useful but also very expensive and not readily available. To test your position on a Time Trial Bike prior to a competition you can do the following:

Lance Armstrongs Time Trial Bike has very good aerodynamic featuresFind a hill at 2-300 meters, steep enough that you get a speed to about 50 km/h.

Start at the top of the hill from the same place every time. The longer you roll the better your aerodynamics. More testing is obviously necessary in the attempt to eliminate factors such as wind speed and temperature.

You should do your testing in your lowest gear so you have no resistance in the pedals. But you need to pedalling a bit so you'll simultaneously tested the turbulence created when the foot comes around.

It is also possible to test specific materials, such as wheels, steering, tires, helmets, etc. ...


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