What does VO2 Max mean?

Let me try to divide it up logically.

V = Volume
O2 = Oxygen (Oxygen)
Max = maximalt

VO2 Max is known as your maximum oxygen absorbtion.

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Watt Test and Pulse Test for Cyclists

A test of your LT Watt or Pulse can be done on an indoor bike or on your bike on the road. The test should provide you with answers of how many watt or Pulse you can perform in average in one hour. With this knowledge you can train very precise intervals in which you must provide a steady watt output in the pedals.

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Should you buy a Wattmeter?

The other day I was asked:

Q: I train around 5000 miles per year and is seeking to improve my performance. I use a pulse reader and are considering buying a Wattmeter, but I have a limited budget and they are expensive. Should I buy a Wattmeter such as the SRM and will it help me to improve faster?

My answer: Yes, it can help you to improve faster. Still this does not mean that you should buy one!

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