Increase Cycling Motivation with theese 13 Tips

Sometimes any sport can be difficult to motivate yourself to do, even if it is so beautiful a sport as cycling.

You can increase your motivation in many different ways. The methods that motivates you, often depends on what time of year you are at, and the situation you are in right now.

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The story about the baby frogs…

There once were a group of baby frogs, who were arranging a cycling competition.

frogsThe objective was to reach the top of Alpe d’Huez. Many gathered to follow the race and cheer on the performers.

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Mental Training

Your mental state of mind can be trained on an equal footing with physical, tactical and technical aspects which are a prerequisite for improving your performance!

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How mental visualization can help you

One ef the most widely used techniques in mental training is visualization. But in reality it is much more than visualization. You must not only see the situation befor you, but listen, feel, touch, taste and smell may be it for you. The more senses and more empathy you use, the better mentally prepared, you are to improve. It is not woth to throw yourself into a big task if you think you can not handle it.

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