The story about the baby frogs…

There once were a group of baby frogs, who were arranging a cycling competition.

frogsThe objective was to reach the top of Alpe d’Huez. Many gathered to follow the race and cheer on the performers.

The race started and none of the audience honestly really believed that the baby frogs would be able to reach the top of the mountain.

  • You could hear people call out: “Oh dear, way too difficult!
  • They will NEVER reach the top”. Or: “Not a chance at succeeding, the mountain is way too big.”

The baby frogs began to collapse one by one except the ones who gamely cycled higher and higher…

  • Everyone continued to yell: “It is way too hard” Nobody can make it!”

More baby frogs got tired and gave up, but one continued going higher and higher…HE would purely and simply not give up!

frog reached the top of Alpe d'HuezAt the end, everyone else has given up reaching the top of Alpe d’Huez except one baby frog, who after a big effort was the only one to reach the summit!

The others obviously wanted to know HOW on earth he managed it!

A rider asked the baby frog how he had managed to complete the enormous task at hand and reach the summit.

Then it turned out that… The winner was DEAF!

And the lesson to be learned from this story is: Never listen to people who always have a tendency to be negative and pessimists, because they take your wonderful dreams and desires from you, which you have in your heart!

Be a happy positive frogAlways think about the power of words, because everything you hear and read affects your actions!

Consequently: ALWAYS be POSITIVE!

And above all: Purely and simply be DEAF, when someone says to YOU that YOU cannot make YOUR dreams come true!

Always think: YOU can do it!

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