Check list of strengths and weaknesses

  1. Work out a list of your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. The list should contain both strengths and weaknesses concerning cycling, but also in other situations, which you either are good at or not so good at in your life, when you are away from the bike.
  3. Assess if each point is important to you in relation to cycling or in your life in general.
  4. After this mark down all the points with 1=important, 2=not important. There is no middle course.
  5. After this work on the points, which are important to you. Both important points, which appear among your strengths and also important points among your weaknesses.
  6. Inform your closest relatives about your list. This generates communication about the area, and creates a much bigger understanding of your desire for a change of focus in relation to your important points.
  7. Information and communication creates union and your ambition becomes a mutual project.
  8. You become better at what you focus on – and this cannot be said often enough.

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