Work seriously with your strengths

The complete cycle rider. It is a sentence you hear again and again from experts, when they speak of the quality you generally ought to strive for as a cycle rider.

This could hardly be further away from the training philosophy here on The important thing is to find out what you are good at and what suits your style. This is not an unusual line of thought, especially in the professional world. They have long ago realized that you need to specialize in one area. Otherwise you will not be distinguishable from the remainder.

Find out what you are good at and focus precisely on this ability and work seriously on improving this further. In short, specialize in one or two specific points. There is no point in training seriously on your time trial skills, if you do not already have an aptitude for doing it well in relation to your riding level.

If you have a goal of wanting to win a stage race and a time trial is a part of it, then that is of course another matter. Then there is logic and reason in training purposefully with your TTqualities.The only other reason for training in an area, which is not one of your strengths already, is the simple reason that you enjoy it, and it gives a general motivation for training.

As one's starting point, you should therefore set yourself a goal, which is within your capabilities and which is preferably near your strong points. In this way, your chances of success with this goal will become a lot larger.

What are YOUR strong points? Which areas would it be natural for you to work on seriously and purposefully?

When you train on your bike as an exercise- or as a competitive racing cyclist, then you may as well spend time and energy on the right elements in relation to your abilities and your goals.

Use your time and energy sensibly. There is good reason to do this. At the same time you will get more confident and successful as a racing cyclist, when your goal succeeds.

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