Cycling Tactics - Use your skills

When you feel like the weakest in a group

Knowing your opponents is very important before planning your Cycling Tactics. When you feel like the weakest in a group when racing your cycling tactic should be to try to think which riders are the strongest in the group and what would they do to make the situation better for themselves.

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Cycling Strategy - Use the Tarrain

Cycling Strategy on small bendy roads

Trying to attack immediately before or on small bendy roads in towns or woodland areas is often a good cycling strategy because the peloton does not have a clear view of all the riders. When you are just a couple of hundred meters ahead of the peloton or in a bigger group you become invisible more quickly when the roads are bendy.

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Cycling Race Tactics - Use the wind

Cycling Race Tactics in Windy Weather

Cycling race tactics in contrary wind is easy to describe but yet so hard to do in practice. It is not an advantage to attack by yourself or perhaps two riders in a side wind, if immediately afterwards there is a section with contrary wind. It costs energy and strength creating a gap between you and your opponents and the contrary wind will result in that your offensive will be even tougher. Use your strength with caution.

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